8 Things For Working In Camp

When you’re heading out to camp (particularly if it is in a remote place that you need to drive or take a small plane to), having too much baggage can make you stand out right off the bat. There’s only so much room for everyones belongings, and if you take up more than your allotted space, you’ll probably regret it. The good news is, the most worthwhile things¬†you can bring are usually very small. Don’t bother cutting your toothbrush in half, save space by leaving the extra pillow at home and pack these instead:

1. Drugs

In particular; robax, advil, and pepto. A case of the day 14’s will have you wishing there was something you could do for your back. Robax will be your friend, and will help you make friends if you’re willing to share! Advil because the days are long. Pepto because no matter how good the camp food is, it’s never that good.

2.Extra Shoe Laces

There’s nothing worse than having an early and groggy morning, putting on dirty and cold clothes, getting to the site, pulling on your laces to tighten your boots and all of a sudden- your slowly deteriorating laces snap. Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck. A day of cursing ensued after I zipped¬†my hiking boots together with zap straps. An extra set of laces are so small, and can make the world of difference.

3. Ear Plugs

It only takes one persons nasal cavities to ruin your night.

4. Deerskin Gloves

I thought my mum was being overkill when she came home with deerskin gloves before I headed out to camp. Turns out, they kept my hands smooth as a babies bottom compared to some of the callused, blistered and bleeding palms of my friends.

5. Hard Candy

This one might be particular to fire fighting, but hard candy is a good way to keep the taste of ash out of your mouth.

6. Flip Flops

When you return home, take with you good memories, photos, maybe a suntan? Shower floors are great for spreading bacteria, so leave the warts at camp.

7. Yoga Towel

Yoga towels are great! They are quick dry and pack up small, so you can guarantee your towel will be dry for your next shower.

8. Spices

See point #1. Camp food is good, but it’s not that good.




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