Living Light

Living light can be hard, especially when life can get so so heavy. Sometimes when we get caught up, it is easy (and almost natural) to accumulate, accumulate, and accumulate some more.

At the time, picking up little things along the way makes me feel more prepared. It’s almost a stress relief, knowing that when an unexpected trip comes up, you’ll have just what you need. After all, prior preparation prevents piss poor performance… until you find yourself suffocating and stressed. Clothes for cold weather, clothes for warm weather, clothes for going out, clothes for staying in, clothes that were gifted to us that we can’t part with just yet, coffee from that little town along the way. Where does one even begin?

The past few months have been a busy blur. With some help of Isabelle, Paige and Frankie, I packed up my house in the city and moved larger furniture to my parents house down south. The remainder of my belongings and what I would need for the rest of 2017 was shoved into my 2001 VW Golf; right down to the spaces between the back seat cushions. I moved into a closet-sized room in the company crew house in a town that is not that much bigger. After working

With a little breathing room in between jobs at base, i’ve averted my attention from Jetranger manuals and cargo net repairs to some much needed self love and TLC. After working for 3 hard months, I haven’t had a lot of time to organize and rejuvenate. With 2 days off, it’s time to address some underlying stress, and purge.

The past few days I have been going through my closet, trying to edit out what doesn’t belong with me anymore. Those winter tires for my ’98 VW Golf will have to go- they won’t fit on the car i’ve got with me. Old t-shirts that just don’t fit quite the way I want them to, make-up that I will honestly never wear, almost empty bottles of product–hasta la vista.

Do you have any tips on purging, making tough calls on what stays and what goes, or ways to manage dealing with clutter stress? I’d love to hear about it!


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